Clifton Park Hospital takes great pride in its top-class physiotherapy service, boasting a highly qualified team registered with the Health and Care Professionals Council (HCPC) and the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists (CSP)

The Physio department has three private treatment areas and a rehabilitation gym. Patients are seen by the team on a one-to-one basis and individual treatment plans are created to suit your personal requirements to ensure you are back to optimum health and fitness in a convenient and timely manner.

The team work closely with local orthopaedic consultants to provide you with the best opinions and treatment available.

We are industry leaders in the field of physiotherapy and work hard to develop new techniques in order to set the highest standard of patient care. We are confident that our complete range of tailored programmes are perfect for anyone looking to benefit from the advantages of private physiotherapy. 

What does a physiotherapist do?

A physiotherapist is a highly trained health professional who works with you to identify and maximise your ability to move and function whilst considering your body as a whole.

As a new patient, a physiotherapist will take your health history and carry out a physical examination. Your physiotherapist will then develop a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs to ease pain and promote recovery.

They use a variety of techniques to alleviate pain and restore normal functionality of physical problems caused by injury, illness, disease and ageing. They can also help lessen the effects of any dysfunction and manage pain if you have a long-term health condition and disability.

The main approaches a physiotherapist will use are: education and advice such as posture and carrying techniques, movement and exercise for improved health, mobility and to build strength in specific body areas and, manual therapy which involves using their hands to encourage better movement and to help relieve pain and stiffness.  

What physiotherapy services are available at Clifton Park Hospital?

The Physio team at Clifton Park Hospital offer a comprehensive range of physiotherapy services for their patients. These include:

Shockwave therapy

Shockwave therapy is used to treat specific areas of tendon-related pain using impulses of energy delivered through a hand-held device through your skin. It increases blood flow to the affected area, stimulates cell regeneration, reduces inflammation, improves mobility and generates pain relief.

It is a highly effective treatment for: heel and mid foot pain including Plantar fasciitis and Achilles Tendinopathy, hip pain, shoulder pain, tennis elbow, hand and wrist pain, and knee and lower leg pain.

Inpatient surgical and orthopaedic team

Our physiotherapists work alongside the hospital’s inpatient surgical and orthopaedic team to provide holistic care and post-operative rehabilitation treatment whilst you are in hospital.

Out-patient musculoskeletal services

Our out-patient musculoskeletal physiotherapy services treat injuries and conditions which affect your muscles, joints and, soft tissues including: ligament and muscle sprains, arthritis, cartilage tears, fracture recovery, back pain and, pre and post-surgery rehabilitation.

Your physiotherapist will perform an assessment, including a biomechanical assessment if required,

and then develop a treatment plan that can include exercise, manual therapy and, self-management strategies to optimise your recovery, increase strength, restore normal movement, reduce inflammation and pain and, promote independence.

Back pain

Back pain can be reduced using physiotherapy techniques including manual manipulation and stretching and strengthening exercises. Strengthening exercise and advice can also help reduce the risk or recurrence.

Our physiotherapists can offer back pain management advice as well as occupational injury and ergonomic assessments to promote employee’s health and well-being in the work place.

Neck pain

Physiotherapy can provide a variety of treatments to help treat neck pain which will: ease stiffness and pain, build up muscle strength and stamina, improve head and neck range of motion and, develop strategies to prevent pain from recurring. Physiotherapy is one of the most common treatments for chronic neck pain.

Arthritic and rheumatic conditions

Physiotherapy can help arthritic and rheumatic patients of all ages to: manage arthritis pain, promote day-to-day function and, to stay active and independent at home and work.

Treatment may include advice and education, manual therapy, physical modalities such as electrical therapy and hydrotherapy and, exercises to help improve muscle strength, range of motion and balance to manage these conditions. A physiotherapist can teach you how to monitor and adjust your exercise program according to your pain, disease activity and response to treatment.

Sports injury

At Clifton Park Hospital we have highly qualified physiotherapists in the field of sports injury management.

Physio aims to rehabilitate the site of your sports injury. Our physiotherapists often use specific exercises to promote strength and flexibility, improve movement and, to reduce pain. They may also use sports massage for joints and muscles to help reduce pain and allow your body to move more freely and, acupuncture to help relieve pain and symptoms.

Sports injury physiotherapy is frequently used for muscle strain, sprains of ligaments and, joint and tendon problems such as Tennis Elbow and Achilles Tendinopathy.

Hand and wrist pain

Hand and wrist pain and injury is common and can be successfully treated by physiotherapy using hand massage therapy, splints, acupuncture and, exercise stretches.

Here at Clifton Park Hospital our physiotherapists often treat Carpal Tunnel and Duputyren’s Contracture.

What are the benefits of physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy offers many benefits. Therapy, guidance and lifestyle changes will help you to manage and recover from injuries, illness, surgery and chronic pain. The benefits of physiotherapy include:

  • Reduces or eliminates pain without drugs and, may mean surgery is not needed.
  • Improves mobility by supporting you to regain physical strength, flexibility, and functionality.
  • Helps prevent disease, injury and, disability.
  • Promotes overall health and wellness including anxiety and confidence as well as physical performance.
  • Manages chronic conditions.
  • Rehabilitates injury and the effects of disease or disability.
  • Educates to help prevent re-occurrence, re-injury or functional decline.
  • Collaborates with you and empowers by providing bespoke exercise programmes and advice for you to do.

Physiotherapy with Clifton Park Hospital

First class physiotherapy treatment at Clifton Park Hospital is available to NHS patients and, private patients who can self-pay or claim on their insurance.

Our highly qualified physiotherapy specialists provide convenient appointments without waiting and, tailored treatment programmes using the latest techniques to promote a speedy recovery and advice to prevent reoccurrence.

We offer professional guidance and therapies to reduce your pain and improve your mobility for a wide variety of conditions ranging from sports injuries, acute or chronic illnesses and surgery rehabilitation.

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