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ConforMIS Knee Implants

Here at Clifton Park Surgery in York we offer a unique type of knee implant which differs entirely from the selection offered for traditional knee replacements.

The Structure of the Knee & Associated Conditions

The knee joint is a hinge joint and is the largest in the body - it allows flexion, extension and rotation to take place. It is made up of 3 essential bones – the femur, tibia and patella (kneecap). These bones form 3 core sections. There is cartilage present at the end of the bones to permit sliding where the bones meet, which also acts as a shock absorber.

The nature of the knee makes it increasingly susceptible to injury and osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is a degenerative condition in which the cartilage breaks down. It causes the end of bones to rub together and wear away, whichcauses pain and may limit your ability to partake in day-to-day tasks. If you suffer from osteoarthritis you may consider a total or partial knee replacement in order to relieve your discomfort.

Knee Replacement Surgery

There are 2 types of knee replacement surgery – partial and total knee replacement surgery.

The knee is comprised of 3 “compartments” made up of the medial compartment (inner section of the knee), lateral compartment (outer section of the knee) and the patellofemoral compartment (behind the knee cap).

A partial knee replacement is suitable for patients with osteoarthritis in one to two of the compartments and a total knee replacement is suited for patients with osteoarthritis in all compartments.

ConforMIS Customised Knee Implants

Knees come in all shapes and sizes and no one knee is the same. In a traditional knee replacement the surgeon will choose an implant from a selection of 6-10 sizes and in a lot of cases have to compromise on the fit of the implant, alignment and rotationwhichcan lead to further pain post-surgery.

ConforMIS offer a unique customisable solution for knee implants and offer the following benefits compared to traditional implants:

  • They have an individual fit – there is no risk of a compromised fit
  • They are specially designed – unique to the patient, the shape and contour of the knee is mimicked for a “natural” feel. It incorporates the motion of your knee as it bends and extends.
  • They ensure a patient’s joint lines – avoiding mid-flexion instability of the knee which can occur with a traditional implant
  • They are designed with optimal bone preservation in mind

 The ConforMIS Knee Implant Process

ConforMIS iFit® image-to-implant® is a specialist technology which enables the conversion of a CT scan into a three dimensional model. The program then formulates a design for an implant suited entirely for your knee.

The process to fit your ConforMIS implant involves:

  1. Organising a CT scan – the doctor will formulate a prescription for a CT scan of your ankle, hip and knee.
  2. Having the CT scan – after you have your CT scan, the results will be sent to ConforMIS.
  3. Recreation of the Knee – ConforMIS using the CT scan will develop a three dimensional model of your knee.
  4. Implant personalisation – the implant and surgical equipment is then designed and created specifically for your knee.
  5. Surgery preparation – your implant is sent to the associated hospital a few days before your operation.


ConforMIS have received a range of positive feedback for their products, some of which can be found below:

“The biggest difference is the lack of pain, and my knee feels more natural. Even physical therapists are just astounded that I gained as much flexion and extension compared to the standard, off-the-shelf knee replacement.” –Rita, iTotal® recipient

“Within four months I had two total knee replacements done, the ConforMIS way. It was made to fit my knee, not somebody else’s knee, not a guy’s knee, not another woman’s knee, and to me, that made more sense.” –Sue, bilateral iTotal® recipient

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If you would like to find out more information regarding ConforMIS knee implants and their associated products don’t hesitate to contact one of our specialist team today. Our orthopaedic consultants Mr Neil Hunt and Mr Anthony Gibbon will be more than happy to advise you on any question or queries you may have regarding your implant and associated surgery.

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