Cosmetic Surgery for men

Here at Clifton Park Hospital we pride ourselves in our utter most care and advice we give to our patients. Cosmetic surgery is becoming increasingly common amongst men who are concerned about their appearance and whom suffer from specific conditions such as gynaecomastia which is treatable with minor surgery.

We offer a wide range of cosmetic surgeries ranging from facial surgeries to body surgeries.

The Range of Cosmetic Surgeries for Men:

Gynaecomastia (“Man Boobs”)

Commonly referred to as “man boobs”, gynaecomastia is a condition which affects the male breast tissue around the nipples. It is particularly common amongst men and can sometimes present in a singular breast or both. Occasionally the tissue may be sore to touch.

There are non-surgical solutions to gynaecomastia including taking medication and in some cases weight loss – however if your condition is due to the breast tissue overdeveloping you may require surgery.

Male breast reduction procedure normally lasts between 1 – 1.5 hours and in normal circumstances is performed under general anaesthetic. A cut will be made to your areola and the excess fatty tissue removed. Further repositioning of your nipple may be necessary.

Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery)

Blepharoplasty surgery comprises of the deduction of skin to allow for removal or addition of fatty tissue from the eyelids. The skin is then stitched together and an eyelid crease is formed.

Often this surgery is performed due to problems with a patient’s peripheral vision as drooping eyelids can affect their sight, this surgery should not take longer than 2 hours.

This procedure is getting increasingly common amongst men, it requires a modified version of the procedure in order to allow for a more natural look.  The eyelid cut is often made lower and so is the brow position, differing from the surgery for women.

Rhinoplasty (“nose job”)

The rhinoplasty surgery involves the reshaping of the nose – many men succumb to an injury from playing close contact sports or are simply unhappy with the natural shape of their nose.

This procedure can correct a variety of factors from the shape of your nostril to the tip of your nose. Typically most men have a more prominent and straighter bridge of the nose with a less rotated tip compared to women. The most aesthetically pleasing look for a man is achieved where the angle between the nose and the upper lip falls between 90-95 degrees – the leading case for most male enquiries.

There are two types of rhinoplasty which can take up to 3 hours. Reduction is the process of reducing the size of your nose through removal of tissue and cartilage from the nose. Augmentation increases the size of the nose with addition of tissue and cartilage – sometimes a graft may be necessary.

Expanded, Split & General Earlobe Repair

Many men suffer from a torn or damaged earlobe. This can become increasingly uncomfortable and make the patient feel particularly self-conscious. Due to the modern day stretchers and other forms of jewellery this procedure is becoming increasingly common.

The procedure is particularly low risk and is usually performed under local anaesthetic and takes around 20-30 minutes.

Clifton Park Hospital offers specific advice and information about all of the above surgeries. Our specialists are on hand to offer you the best guidance and answer all your queries you may have regarding both your surgical and non-surgical options. We are here to help you formulate the right decision for your requirements.

Patients of York and its surrounding areas can now access appointments at the new Clifton Park Hospital Outpatient Department with 11 consulting rooms, two treatment rooms, x-ray facilities and additional car parking.

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