Breast Enlargement

Breast enlargement is a cosmetic surgical procedure performed to enhance, enlarge and create fuller shaped breasts.

What is breast enlargement surgery?

Breast enlargement surgery also called breast augmentation, breast enhancement or a ‘boob job‘ are all terms used to refer to breast surgery that involves inserting breast implants to make your breasts bigger and shapelier.

What are the benefits of a breast enlargement surgery? 

The benefits of a breast enlargement are that it helps you to achieve the breast look you want. This may include: a larger cup size, a more curvaceous and uplifted breast-line, breasts more in proportion to your body, a symmetrical breast size and shape and, a more feminine overall body contour.

These breast changes can result in feeling better about your appearance, being able to wear clothes that you want and, an increase in self-assurance that passes through to your general wellbeing.

Breast reconstruction may be considered after a mastectomy to rebuild the breasts and help a woman feel more comfortable about how she looks.

What are does breast enlargement surgery involve?

You’ll be given a general anaesthetic before your breast enlargement surgery. The procedure will take about an hour and a half.

It involves making a small cut in the crease under your breast and inserting an implant directly behind your breast for the most natural look. If you do not have enough breast skin and tissue to cover the implant your surgeon may recommend placing the implant behind your pectoral muscle.

Once the implant is in place the incision is stitched.

Breast enlargement aftercare and recovery

At Clifton Park Hospital you will receive excellent aftercare to ensure you have a restful recovery in a relaxing environment. We offer outpatient care for up to 60 days, after your discharge as part of your package and you will have a follow up consultation to see how you are doing.

After your breast enlargement you should be able to go home the same day or the following day.

For several weeks post-surgery, you will need to wear a post-surgical bra 24-hours a day to protect and support your breasts.

When you return to work will depend on your job type but typically you can return to work after a week.

You should be able to re-join your normal activities within four to six weeks after your breast enlargement.

What is the cost of a breast enlargement?

The costs of your breast enlargement will vary depending upon your individual requirements such as: implant size and type and, if you will stay overnight or have a day case procedure.

Our breast enlargement prices start at £4974.

After your consultation with one of our cosmetic breast surgeons and when you are ready to make choices around your breast enlargement, we will give you a guaranteed fixed price for at least three months.

This fixed price allows you to know the exact cost of your breast enlargement without the worry of any hidden extras. It includes: all hospital costs, your cosmetic surgeon and consultant anaesthetist involved in your breast enlargement surgery, outpatient care for 60 days after discharge plus one follow-up consultation and your hospital stay even if it becomes longer or more complex than anticipated. The only additional fees are for your initial outpatient consultation with your cosmetic surgeon and any additional follow up appointments that may be necessary.

We offer a range of affordable, competitive and easy to arrange finance options that allow you to have your breast enlargement without waiting.

Breast enlargement with Clifton Park Hospital

At Clifton Park Hospital, breast enlargement is one of our most popular cosmetic surgeries.

We offer convenient and local appointments with GMC registered surgeons, who are highly experienced with a special interest in plastic surgery and, hold or have held an NHS post.

Our cosmetic surgeons will put you at ease on your first meeting by offering: straightforward yet detailed information, the opportunity to ask all of your questions and, excellent individual care using high quality breast implants.

We also offer a 14-day ‘cooling off period’ after your consultation to ensure you have time to consider all the information and that you are fully comfortable with your decision.

We are regulated by the Care Quality Commission and have excellent clinical outcomes.

Our modern hospital provides comfortable accommodation and a fresh a la carte menu to promote a restful recovery.

Patients of York and its surrounding areas can now access appointments at the new Clifton Park Hospital Outpatient Department with 11 consulting rooms, two treatment rooms, x-ray facilities and additional car parking. 

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