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3rd Surgery during 3rd National Lockdown.

In February this year, I had my third surgical procedure at Clifton Park Hospital, having had both knees replaced at the hospital over 10 years ago. This time round it was my hip, I was experiencing lots of pain and struggling to walk without sticks, at the end of 2019 I contacted my GP and asked to be referred to Clifton Park Hospital, given my previous experience of the hospital I knew I would be in good hands.

The pandemic meant that my treatment was delayed as the country shut down, but in October last year I eventually had my consultation with Mr Carrington, a hip & knee specialist. With everyday life still impacted by Covid restrictions I was understandably cautious about venturing out, let alone visiting a hospital. I have to say as soon as I stepped through the door in the Outpatients department I felt reassured that I would be safe and that every precaution was being taken to fight against the virus. I was temperature checked and Covid screened by a very pleasant nurse as I walked in and after being given the all clear, I proceeded to my clinic appointment. Prior to my appointment I had previously had x-rays taken at my local general hospital, these were available for Mr Carrington to view during my appointment, so the visit was short and concise and I came away with a clear plan of what treatment would be required. That was to be a Total Hip Replacement and was given a date for February this year.

Prior to my surgery I was given a pre-operative assessment to ensure I was ready and fighting fit for my surgery and based on a clinical assessment carried out by Mr Carrington during my consultation and the fact I had no other underlying ailments, I was given the option to self-isolate for 14 days or socially distance for the 2 weeks prior to my surgery date. Although I am fit and healthy, I chose to self-isolate. I had a Covid test 3 days before my surgery date and also the final bloods.

The day had finally come for my surgery, on arrival at the hospital a nurse from the ward came out to greet me and escort me up to my room. My room was impeccably clean and all the staff were so caring and professional, I felt immediately at ease. I had my surgery later that day and on waking from my anaesthetic the nurses were amazing. Throughout my stay I was regularly checked on to ensure I was comfortable, the pain management was superb and it was kept on top of without me having to ask.

My recovery has gone very well, although a little anxious to venture outside as I was recuperating during the pandemic, I now have no pain, am able to walk without sticks and am driving. I am back to full mobility and being able to do all those things I missed or struggled with prior to my surgery.

The whole package at Clifton Park Hospital is wonderful, it is the most amazing place and you are cared for by a special breed of people.

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