| 27/07/2021

Knee Replacement - Geoffrey Baron

I am a 60-year-old ex-coal miner who worked underground for 26 years, I am currently working as a warehouse manager.

I suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis over most of my body, both my knees are destroyed, the right one was the worst so had the be replaced first.

My experience at Clifton Park Hospital York
I had been on the NHS waiting list for quite a long time because my BMI was quite high (38) they were reluctant to do the procedure until I lost some weight which I did but not a great deal. On the 18/01/2021 or there abouts I received a call from Clifton Park offering me a knee replacement as there had been a cancellation, I jumped at the chance.

I was admitted on the 01/02/2021 and from the start my treatment was exceptional, I was sent all the information I needed to know about my admission including Covid guidelines.

After being met in the car park by a member of staff I was taken into the hospital and signed in, which was all very smooth. I was then shown to my room and told what I needed to do before my procedure, everything was explained clearly and in layman’s terms, I found this very reassuring.

My room was very good, I have been in quite a few hospitals over the years, and this was beyond any doubt the nicest, all the fixtures were up to date and modern, the view out of my window was of woodland and very relaxing.

The staff made me feel relaxed and at home right from the beginning. The procedure itself went very well, the anaesthetic (epidural) was administered in a very professional way with an explanation of everything that was happening, the atmosphere in the theatre was one of quiet confidence and professionalism. I felt totally relaxed even though I had refused the offer of a sedative, the staff constantly reassured me and asked if I was alright, in fact I think I chatted with them most of the way through the operation.

My surgeon Mr Hunt explained what he was about to do and to be honest I did not feel anything only very comfortable. The operation was over quickly without any fuss.

After the operation I was taken back to my room to recover where the staff were very attentive; I would say nothing was too much trouble for them. I was given advice on pain management and administered with pain killers, because of this I had a very good night’s sleep. The following day the physiotherapist came round and checked me over and gave me an exercise routine to follow.

I was discharged after an x-ray was carried out to check that all was well with my knee. The staff once again excelled and took me to a waiting car that was to take me home, I felt very pampered.

It’s now 5 months down the line and I’m pain free in my right knee, I followed the exercise routine I was given, I have a good 80% movement in my knee, more than I had before, my leg is now straight and walking is becoming a pleasure once again. I have also been back to see Mr Hunt as my left Knee has deteriorated, he recommended it be replaced and as I said “ I would have it done tomorrow” he has set things in motion so hopefully my wait won’t too long.

I have nothing but praise for Clifton Park Hospital, it is a credit to all who work there.


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